Medical Weight Loss Protocol

A Medically Supervised Weight Loss and Diet Protocol

Introduction | Medical Weight Loss Protocol

Infuze Medical has a combined experience in the medical weight loss field of over 20 years. This really is our specialty, and our previous clients are the proof that we can help you successfully lose weight, and KEEP IT OFF!

We combined proven diet strategies, weight loss medications, supplementation, and fitness planning to effectively control hunger, boost metabolic output, and ultimately get the weight off. We use strategies to get the weight off fast. After that, we offer continued support to keep the weight off.

Infuze Medical has merged with Sculpt Tri-Cities, and is now known as Ikon Wellness.


  • Startup Consultation

    $ 120.00
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  • Follow-Up visits

    $ 45.00
    Every 2 Weeks

Details | Medical Weight Loss Protocol

Medical Weight Loss Protocol

How do we get the weight off fast?

This isn't your average diet program. At Infuze Medical, our sole concern is to get the weight off fast, and to get you in better health, so you can start enjoying life more. Below is a list of diet strategies that we may incorporate into each clients program to optimize fat loss.

  • Calorie calculations for Rapid Fat Loss
  • Macronutrient / Micronutrient for optimized response from the body
  • Meal/Nutrient timing for hunger control, as well as controlled insulin, glucagon, and hormone optimization.
  • Diet Counseling for Accountability
  • Fitness/workout planning (if applicable)

Medications and Supplementation

Medical and Supplementation Support for Fat Los

In addition to offering a medical weight loss protocol that controls hunger, controls fat loss hormones, and optimizes fat loss, Infuze has a number of medications and supplements at our disposal to further accelerate fat loss, and help you to keep it off. We know how to effectively integrate medicine and supplementation into your diet program to make life MUCH easier. Below is a list of strategies we might incorporate with specific clients.

  • Weight Loss IV Treatments
  • Hunger control medications
  • Metabolism optimization medications
  • Lipotropic Fat Loss Injections
  • Peptide Therapy for Optimzed Body Composition and Ultimate Health

Medical Weight Loss Protocol

Lose weight fast, and keep it off
Phase 1: Metabolic shift
During this phase, the dieter will follow a strict regimen, and it is designed to cause a metabolic adaptation to a number of different systems in the body. Some of these improvements include:
  • Increased fat metabolism.
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Decreased hunger and cravings
Phase 2: Rapid Fat Loss
The rapid fat loss phase is designed to start dropping the pounds. Dieters should notice that they have better control of hunger, energy, and an overall sense of control. We do this by controling meal frequency, timing, portion control, and a strict list of foods that helps Infuze keep the dieter within strict clinical parameters, that can be measured and controlled.
Phase 3: Composition and Maintenance
Our main goal after losing the initiual weight, is to help our clients keep the weight off. Phase 3 is designed to help the client continue to improve body composition, and keep the weight off for good, through an approach we call "intuitive eating". The truth about dieting, is that most of the time after a person loses weight, they gain it back within the first year. This is partly due to the fact that dieting can be so complicated. We take the complications out, and we make it fun and easy to keep the weight off.

What do Clients Say?

  • Stan - Kennewick, WA

    Stan - Kennewick, WA

    Stan lost over 100lbs in 4 months. He followed a rapid fat loss protocol (VLCD) integrated with hormone optimization and lipotropic and B12 injections to accelerate fat loss during weight loss stalls.

  • Donna - Kennewick, WA

    Donna - Kennewick, WA

    Donna lost over 60 lbs, in 4 months. Donna also followed a rapid fat loss protocol designed to control hunger, in combination with hormone optimization medications and Lipotropic and B12 Injections.

  • John - Richland, WA

    John - Richland, WA

    John lost over 135 lbs. He lost weight at a very rapid pace once we introduced a hormone optimization strategy to boost his bodies natural fat loss mechanisms. His weight loss story is incredible, as he most likely saved his own life.

  • Mary-Pat - Spokane, WA

    Mary-Pat - Spokane, WA

    Mary-Pat lost over 95 lbs. Mary-Pat was surprized how much the diet protocol controlled her hunger. She simply followed the diet, and the weight dropped off.

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