Vitamin C IV Therapy: Support for Cancer Patients

Vitamin C IV Therapy for Treatment of Cancer: Study Results

In recent years, a number of alternative medicine doctors have started to use Vitamin C IV therapy to support cancer patients. In doing so, they are not replacing normal cancer treatment protocols such as Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy, but they are using it to support standard cancer treatments.

Can vitamin C Fight Cancer?

The most common treatments for cancer are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapys is used to prevent the spread of Cancer, while Radiation is administered in order to attempt to kill cancer cells in a specific part of the body. More recently, vitamin C has been considered as a viable option for Cancer treatment, and there are studies to support the use of Vitamin C IV’s.

Vitamin C treatment for Cancer is not new. Back in the 70’s and 80’s a Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling along with Ewan Cameron discovered the benefits of Vitamin C treatments for cancer. Since they first introduced Vitamin C IV’s for the treatment of cancer, further studies have been performed that suggest a high concentration of vitamin C only possible with an IV infusion might prevent and treat cancer.

In recent years, some studies have examined the the use of Vitamin C infusions in combination with Chemotherapy. Specifially, one study showed that patients with giloblastoma survived for 4 to 6 months longer than average survival time compared to patients who go through normal cancer treatments.

How Does Vitamin C Kill Cancer?

The Mechanism of action that most likely makes IV Vitamin C effective has to do with the Cancer cell metabolism (what keeps it alive). It is thought that Vitamin C reacts with the redox active iron molecules produced inside the Cancer cell, and produces hydrogen peroxide and Hydrogen which then kill the cancer cells. Some doctors also believe that this will weaken the cancer cells enough to make Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. This may also be the reason that some doctors have started to use Hydrogen Peroxide as a treatment against viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other infections.

What Does IV Vitamin C Do?

Vitamin C normally works as an antioxidant for healthy cells in the body, to fight against infections and disease. The difference in how Vitamin C works against cancer cells, is that it actually reacts with Cancer and creates a free radical that then attacks the Cancer cell. So in that way, vitamin C acts as a Antioxidant for normal healthy cells, but acts as a Free Radical (killer) of Cancer cells.

Is vitamin C Bad for Cancer Patients?

While most studies have found that survival rates of cancer patients were better with vitamin C, there is at least one study that showed that Vitamin C IV’s used during Chemo treatment can decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy. This is due to the fact that Vitamin C is an AntiOxidant, and some Chemo drugs attempt to slow the spread of cancer by purposely creating oxygen free radicals to kill cancer. It should be noted that these were laboratory and animal studies, and the use of Vitamin C in human trials with chemotherapy doesn’t yield the same results. In fact, one doctor claimed that applying the findings from these trials “is impossible” to apply to humans. Additionally, the study conducted didn’t take into account whether or not Vitamin C actually is effective at fighting cancer cells. Most research has shown not only a increased duration of life for cancer patients with Vitamin C, but also less side effects of Chemotherapy.

How Much Does it Cost for a Vitamin C IV?

High dose vitamin C IV therapy is very affordable. See Vitamin C IV prices here.

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